Why Hire A Tutor?

Reasons to Hire a Tutor

Your child or young person needs some extra support:

  • to help them to achieve their ARE's (Age Related Expectations).

Many Key Stage 1 and 2 students come to me as their school report or parent's meeting has highlighted that they are not working at their ARE - they are `Working Towards`and need some support to achieve `Expected` or `Greater Depth` by securing learning in English, Maths or both.

  • to help them improve their knowledge and understanding.

Some Key Stage 3 and 4 students are looking to expand and reinforce their knowledge and understanding in various subjects, including Science and History. They may need to revisit the English Literature texts, language, and structure techniques, creative writing tasks, or Maths concepts.

  • to help them with their homework and to provide them with the opportunity to experience one-to-one support.

Some students enjoy having extra support with their homework. A time for them to ask questions and gain confidence in solving problems, without the fear of embarrassment. A safe space with dedicated one-to-one time, as they don't get the opportunity in school due to class sizes.

  • to help them to revise and prepare for exams.

Many Key Stage 4 students come to me for extra practice in exam skills. We go through exam questions, example leveled answers, and complete practice papers for homework. I also mark and grade the practice papers as well as provide a range of revision resources and top tips. I have supported many students who were assessed at Grades 1-3 in their Mock exams, their end-of-term report, or their expected end of Key Stage 4 Grade. With hard work and determination, the students have all achieved passes in Grade 4 or above (some achieving Grades 6-8).

Some Key Stage 1 and 2 students have required preparation for their SATs, the 7 Plus, or the 11 Plus exams. We have focused on practicing English, Maths, Non-Verbal and Verbal skills, as well as completing practice papers and addressing mistakes by discussing corrections.

  • to provide them with support due to their individual special needs (SEN) or requirements as identified in their EHCP, Provision Map, or teacher recommendations.

Some students are referred by agencies who specialise in providing education support for Looked After Children or through the National Tutoring Programme, for students who have been impacted and disadvantaged by the Covid lockdown and the knock-on effect and consequences of school closures. We work on identifying and filling their gaps in learning.

  • to provide them with a bespoke timetable of lessons.

Some students come to me as they have been withdrawn from school and are being home educated for a wide range of reasons. Many of these stem from issues that have impacted their mental health. Therefore some are focussing on basic and functional skills and others are working towards their GCSEs at their own pace, without the stresses and strains of a school environment.

If you are looking for a Tutor please get in touch by:

Email - [email protected]

Phone/ WhatsApp - 07563582702

Website - www.tutorinterventions.co.uk

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